Crazy Dragon Slots

Crazy Dragon slots is really all about the dragon. This is a progressive jackpot slots game that has three reels and one payline. Players must stick to a set coin size that is $1.00 and it is recommended where possible that the player places the maximum coin bet of three coins per spin in order to try and win the maximum payouts and be in with a chance to win the progressive jackpot.The highest payout is awarded when three fire hoses land on the payline when the player has made a maximum bet of three coins. This awards the player $3000. If the player has only placed a two coin bet and lands three of the fire hoses then he wins $2000, a single coin bet and three fire hoses will award the player $1000.

The Wild in Crazy Dragon Slots

Apart from the standard play there is also a wild symbol in this Crazy Dragon Slots game. The wild symbol is denoted by the Yin Yang symbol and this can take the place of any of the other symbols to help make up the winning payline. There is also a special dragon feature in this game that awards free spins. If the head of the dragon appears on the payline the player is awarded 2 free spins. If the dragon head and body appear on the payline the player receives 5 free spins and if the player lands the whole body of the dragon that includes the head, body and tail the player wins 20 free spins. In addition the player can re-trigger the free spins during their run giving the player a chance to win up to 100 free spins. If the player wins 100 free spins he also wins the progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot resets at $2000 after it has been claimed. Each player that places a bet in this game contributes to the progressive jackpot.

The Crazy Crazy Dragon Slots

Playing Crazy Dragon slots at first may seem a standard game but as the player begins to understand the game and all that it offers to the player with the wild symbol and the special bonus feature, the player realizes that this is a crazy game with crazy chances to win enormous sums of money. Because of the progressive jackpot the player cannot try out the game for fun before placing real money bets but any player will soon get the hang of this game and understand the benefits of all that it offers to the player that include the wild and the special bonus feature with free spins.