Secret Symbol Slots

Secret Symbol Slots is an ancient Aztec themed online slot from RTG released in March of 2017 for all partnered casinos. The 5 reel, 3 row and 25 pay line game is not for the small rollers as the minimum bet is of $0.25. As with many RTG 2D slots that we have reviewed so far this game lacks a bit of soundtrack over the background to transport the player into the story line, to not say it lacks a story line.

RTG seems more focused on providing an environment experience, not taking the player to become part of a story within the game, and that for us is a fault that could get players bored quite easily if they are mostly focused on the game play than on the payroll aspect. And many players pay for the fun, not so much for the money, because if it were the other way around they would play the slots in a more professional manner.

Getting back to Secret slots there is a way to make some money on this new release. Its simple and cool in its own way, there are no new cool bonus features to surprise us but that is what we like about RTG, its simple and allows the pro’s to focus on strategy more than the entertainment aspect. Just focus on the game with some big earphones and play your favorite music. Now check the special features. Symbols

Aztec Chief – This is the Wild and has the ability to work as a joker replacing any other symbol on the reel except the scatter. It will also payout with a multiplier depending on how many wilds you manage on the pay line.

Aztec Pyramid – The pyramid is the scatter and works as a multiplier of all your bets, between 2x and 20x which is a large treat specific to this online slot. To trigger the free spins 2 or more scatters are needed, the maximum number of scatters will award the maximum amount of spins and the 20x multiplier by the end of the round, get that and we guarantee your payout will be of thousands of dollars just from a common dozen dollar bet.

Bonus Round – Free Spins

Other than the free spins mentioned earlier there is no other featured bonus round. But the 15 free spins can be re-triggered several times during the bonus round. As I will mention once more on my strategy tip, the best way to enter a bonus round is with full pay lines active to increase chances of wining all types of combinations, this is how you trigger multiple free spins to win more than 30x rounds with increased multiplier wilds. So always play the maximum pay lines, 25.

New Wild Feature

Secret Slot does have a new special feature that plays to the advantage of the user. Wilds can now be STACKED vertically to feel columns from top to bottom increasing the possibilities of getting higher pays. Another season to bet with all pay lines active.

Strategy Tips

  1. Note this is an expensive slot game not recommend for low rollers or the compete knob. You will need around $500USD to play this slot with chances of winning a nice payout.
  2. Define your bankroll, balance. We recommends $500 or higher.
  3. Fix your bet amount, anything from $1 to whatever you like is fine, you decide based on your bankroll and risk factor. The important aspect is that you fix an amount that allows you to place around 50 bets throughout the entire game play. This bet amount cannot be moved.
  4. Play with all pay lines active. So take in mind the 25 x bet amount. Remember, you want to have around 100 spins not taking into account the free spins.
  5. The goal is to trigger the free spins with all paylines active. This way your bet amount has the highest chances of nailing a large multiplication factor and of increasing the free spins rounds. Through the process you will also win with multiple pay lines and expanded Wilds, so as long as the bonus round does not come too far behind there is a nice chance is taking home a nice payout after the bonus.
  6. Stop playing after the bonus round. You can move on to another slot game if you want, but this strategy is an effective one. It does not hit every time, we are aware slots are random in terms statistical possibilities and so it is impossible to determine how effective the strategy will be, but we can say it works way better than randomly betting with no plan.