Treasure Tree Slots

Treasure Tree Slots is not really a slots game although it is called a slots. This is a game of luck and only luck. Players are presented with a tree that has lots of fruit on it. There are fruit in blue, pink and orange. The aim of the game is to try and match at least three fruits of the same color. Behind each fruit is a reward, it can be free games, multipliers or free cash to the player. The player is invited to place his bet and then he starts choosing different fruit to see what they reveal. If he manages to match three fruit then of course he becomes a winner, otherwise he loses his bet and his invited to start again. Its a fun game to play but misleading for players who think they are getting a slots game. Players may choose a coin size that suits their budget with a vast range available ranging from $0.025 up to $25 per turn. This is an interesting and unusual game to find among the slots and provides a light relief from the action packed spinning reels.